A Co-created Landscape Design Moment!

To begin the design process for the North-Slope of the rain-fed part of the farm, an area that wishes to become an innovated Agro-silvo-pastoral system (Pomar Misto de Sequeiro) that proves truly regenerative within the Mediterranean drylands, a co-design moment with the staff members & owners of Quinta do Vale da Lama was facilitated this summer by OrlaDesign for the WaterWise Dryland Regeneration project.

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Visitar a Quinta

A Quinta do Vale da Lama tem diferentes focos de ação associados a diferentes zonas da quinta. Existe a parte educativa dinamizada pelo PND – Projecto Novas Descobertas, com lugar no Campo do Vale, e o Agro-turismo, sediado na Casa Vale da Lama – EcoResort. Outros núcleos dedicados a actividades agrícolas e a funções administrativas e residenciais estão a ser recuperados e desenvolvidos passo a passo.

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WaterWise Garden Tour

During last Saturday’s “Festa do Sol” (Sun Festival), i was assisted in giving a tour of our garden by its designer: landscape architect Marilyn Ribeiro (website, Facebook), who came out of maternity leave just in time for the event.

It was great to have her there because -though i did play a role in its design, especially w/r/t greywater system and rainwater harvesting earthworks– my knowledge of the plants is still pretty skimpy.

Fortunately Marilyn is like a walking field-guide to Mediterranean plants… So she was able to answer questions from visitors, even while toting a baby and instructing me in ongoing maintenance.

As it turns out, maintenance is less of a chore than i had expected -especially now as roots (planted in March) are established, and we are cutting back on spot-irrigation regime, even now that peak summer heat is on.

Come the first rains of autumn, i expect to be putting my hose away for good -and come Harvest Festival time (September 16)- these garden beds should be pretty well filled-out. I look forward to another public showing then!

Poda no Olival

Este ano tivemos o privilégio de ter connosco um grande sabedor de árvores, Peter Zinn, a cuidar da oliveiras da área noroeste da Quinta. O olival que já era bonito pela imponência das antigas árvores, tornou-se ainda mais bonito, agora mais acessível, e potencialmente mais produtivo quando chegar a colheita da azeitona, esperamos nós. E aprendemos tanto com a presença deste senhor e a sua ligação às árvores.
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WaterWise Dryland Regeneration, 2017

As foretold in an earlier post, we’ve been busy this past fall/winter applying our Water-Wise Dryland Strategy to the south slope of our farm’s monte, improving access, water conservation and ecosystem regeneration all at the same time.  Long story short, our evaluation of project results at this point is: a great success, worthy of continuing wherever such conditions and needs exist.

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