Tree-Huggers Delight

King Carob
King Carob Tree (restored), on the monte

One of my favorite winter activities (and i’m sure some of you tree-huggers out there can relate) is: hacking into the jungle that has grown up around a great-but-neglected old tree, and restoring the throne to its proper owner.

Of course i’m speaking figuratively, but in the case of this old carob tree pictured above, which stands atop the rocky outcrop that caps our “monte,” the purple prose is perhaps justified.
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A Co-created Landscape Design Moment!

To begin the design process for the North-Slope of the rain-fed part of the farm, an area that wishes to become an innovated Agro-silvo-pastoral system (Pomar Misto de Sequeiro) that proves truly regenerative within the Mediterranean drylands, a co-design moment with the staff members & owners of Quinta do Vale da Lama was facilitated this summer by OrlaDesign for the WaterWise Dryland Regeneration project.

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Visitar a Quinta

A Quinta do Vale da Lama tem diferentes focos de ação associados a diferentes zonas da quinta. Existe a parte educativa dinamizada pelo PND – Projecto Novas Descobertas, com lugar no Campo do Vale, e o Agro-turismo, sediado na Casa Vale da Lama – EcoResort. Outros núcleos dedicados a actividades agrícolas e a funções administrativas e residenciais estão a ser recuperados e desenvolvidos passo a passo.

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