YearEnd Planting Party

Mãos na massa

Maybe because of the weather -winter rain&cold having not yet come, but showers in the forecast for our last working Friday of the year- our gang decided to forgo the usual banquet at a restaurant, opting instead to have a potluck picnic & planting party in what is to be our farm’s new receiving area (south-east entrance off the municipal road).

As it turned out, the weather forecast was bang-on for a change, so we had rain showers on-and-off throughout the day, which made for both good planting conditions and occasional breaks in the action, during which we ate and drank and shared reflections on the year just past and dreams for the year to come. A nice balance of activity, and a fine day for all involved.

In keeping with our water-wise strategy for drylands (i.e. everything above the irrigation canal that bisects Q-VdL), plants are all native & adapted species, selected for drought and salt tolerance (as this site is quite exposed to oceanic influence). Indeed, though we are prepared to hand-water until these plants are fully established, and there has been no rain since planting day, this garden seems to be doing fine with just the dew that saturates our straw-mulched and generously-composted beds each morning. So: sleeping for now, creeping next year… And by the following spring, according to popular wisdom, these gardens should be positively leaping.  (if in doubt,  please come and see for yourself! 🙂

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